Fashion #6

img084I made these shoes yellow because it’s one of my favorite colors.  If you like yellow, then you can like it.  And I added bows just in case you like them.  I really made an ankle bracelet.  If you like orange mixed with red then you can like it.

img086If you like pink you can like it.  If you like stars pointed on your shoes you can really like it.  I added some starts in a mix of orange and red just like I made for everything I liked.  Green jewels are included to that.

img085I made them some jewels on the tippy tops.  And so if you like them there’s jewels everywhere so you don’t know which color they are.  And I made them black and if you have black shoes you’ll like them.

img087I made the purse kind of orange mixed with brown.  It’s kind of like it’s really pretty.  It’s really pretty because it kind of looks like a darkish yellow.  I made blonde hair and I made some blue eyes just like me.  And if you like that, you’ll like the orange mixed with red.  I made her wear a swimsuit because she’s going to the beach.


2 comments October 29, 2009

Fashion #5

I made the shorts so that if the dress blew up no one would see the panties.  I made the outfit to be a rainbow because I need it to be much colorful.  There are so many colors I like that I just want to wear.


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A Magical World

I made some flowers because some little kids like it, and I made a wonderful rainbow that’s big and shows people’s hearts.  And I made a butterfly because some people like butterflies, and I made rainbow flowers that are purple and pink and yellow and orange and green.  And the rainbow has pink and yellow and orange and green and black and purple, and the sky is blue and the grass is green right below and then you walk on the green grass.


2 comments August 9, 2009

Fashion #4

I made the purse purple, and I made the star purple.  I made the dress black, and I made the boots gray.  I made the hat gray.


1 comment August 9, 2009

Fashion #3

I made the hat green and the watch rainbow.  And I made the boots blue and the dress red.


2 comments August 7, 2009

Fashion #2

I made the hat black because I made it to match the purse, and I made the shorts blue to match the shirt.  And I made the accessories on the shorts to be black, and the spots on the shirt are just for decoration.


1 comment August 6, 2009

Fashion #1

My fashion is great, super great.  I want to everybody to go and see that my fashion is so pretty.  I made my fashion so people would go on to my  Because I did it; I know I did.

I made the skirt orange because it’s one of my favorite colors.  And I made a tank top that was pink with orange stripes.  And I made ear rings that are brown.  And I made a purse that was blue.  And I made boots that were green.


1 comment August 6, 2009






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